Thursday, September 13, 2012

Today's The Day

Our new blinds are being installed today!
The windows are ready & waiting for a new look.


dining room


Of course this means new curtains.
You know how it is,
 change one thing & it means you have to change something else.
My sisters are coming to visit in a few weeks & they will help me make choices.
I can't wait!


Sis Sue said...

Excited for you to get the new blinds. You will really enjoy the new look and feel.

Patsy said...

That is great to get new any thing for the house.A new look.
We did the wide slats and didn't put up curtains. I would like to have shears for a softer look(but didn't).

Rhonda said...

sounds wonderful! your home is beautiful.
I always wanted sisters, you are blessed.

Anonymous said...

Your home is beautiful....and a visit from your sisters,priceless.
Can't wait to see what yall do.

Kerin said...

Very exciting!
I am looking forward to seeing everything pulled together :)

Have a great weekend!