Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Searching For Autumn

It's very hard to think that Autumn will ever arrive on a day with sizzling 104 degrees.
My sister, Susan & brother-in-law, Mike came for a quick visit Saturday so they would watch the first OSU game of 2012 with us on TV.
They brought me this neat candle.
I'm burning it this afternoon to make it feel a little more like fall.
Come back tomorrow & I'll explain
 what this mess is all about . . .


Sis Sue said...

Just wave your magic wand and the mess will disappear. ;)

Lorilee said...

I can't wait to see what the mess is all about. I adore Woodwick candles. They smell wonderful, and the crackling sound is relaxing!

Kerin said...

Hi Carol!
I just love those Woodwick candles!
The crackling of the wick makes them seem even more cozy :)
We can buy them at Cracker Barrel ... but it's about an hour away.
Just seeing yours, makes me want to jump in the car, and go buy one!

Are you doing your Fall cleaning too?
Guess I'll have to read about it later.