Friday, July 27, 2012

My Summer Olympic Favorites

Tonight we will see the opening ceremonies on TV.
I'm anxious to see what the creator, British film director, Danny Boyle, has dreamed up.

Here are my favorite Olympic events.

synchronized swimming
grace & strength

men's basketball
Three of the Oklahoma City Thunder players are on the team this year.
James, Kevin & Russell 

By the way, here are the 2012 mascots.
Paralympic mascot, Mandeville & Wenlock

Will you be watching any of the Olympics?


Sis Sue said...

I am always amazed at the dedication the athletes have to go for the gold. I will be watching.

Vee said...

I hope to!

So impressed by your commitment to blogging daily that I came over to see how you were doing. Wow! I think of myself as chatty, though I've only averaged 277 posts a year. I'll be spending a little time here catching up some.

Kerin said...

It's going to a lot of fun to watch the Olympics!
I'm hoping to catch the opening ceremonies.

Happy weekend!