Monday, August 24, 2009

Tackling Chores . . .

I'm in a
"Maxine State Of Mind"

However, it's time to tackle our home office!
Things need to be sorted, filed, shredded,
thrown away, rearranged,
etc. etc. etc.!!
The closet, filing cabinet, desk, & shelves
are screaming & shouting
for attention & relief.
This monumental job may take all week.
Wish me luck!


Darlene said...

I'm wishing you lots of luck in getting it cleaned and organized again.

Tracey McBride ~ Frugal Luxuries® said...

Oh my goodness, Carol, my office is in the same sad state!! So funny that you posted this today... I just wrote my to-do list and spending an hour de-cluttering the office was top on the list (after menu planning and laundry). Knowing I have a kindred spirit working in tandem encourages me in a crazy way. :)
I wish us both luck and clear sailing!

Mary said...

Is that why I haven't heard from you today. You must be knee deep in sorting and cleaning!

Linda said...

I've got to tackle the hugh paper pile in our office today too! Can you tell I'm dreading it...I'm on the computer wasting time instead!

Linda C said...

I'm surprised that you can't hear the screams coming from our home office too-- they are usually mine, every time I open the door and look in:)

I love Maxine!:)

Good luck with your chores! Have a wonderful week:)

Linda C

Stacey said...

More power to you! I do not like shredding paper. I try to do it in small bits at a time.

It will feel so good to have that job completed. Now that it's turning up hot again it's a good time to stay indoors.