Thursday, August 6, 2009

It's That Time Again . . .

School bells will be ringing again next week
in most Oklahoma schools.

I'm sure the weather will be hot & steamy.
Seems to me school always started after Labor Day
when I was in school.

Just a reminder to watch out for school buses
& children walking to school.

To teachers & staff who work so faithfully to educate our children, I will be praying for you as a new school year begins.

You may never know what seeds of learning & love you are planting.
Someone in your classroom this year may be a future doctor,nurse, preacher, teacher, lawyer, construction worker, mom, dad, the list goes on and on.
Every year I taught I tried to remember that I was someone who could make a difference in a child's life. O yes, as you can imagine there were times that this was hard to remember.

It's tax free weekend here in Oklahoma.
Clothing items under $100.00 are not taxed, but
school supplies are not included in the tax free shopping.
I wish the legislature would reconsider this next year.
I know how expensive it can be to buy supplies for one child.
For families that have more than one child it's VERY expensive.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!


Becky K. said...

A very sweet post. It is true that one never knows the future of any child. Teachers are asked to do a very big job.

I am sure you must get a bit restless as this time of the year approaches....

You are right about school starting after Labor Day. This is a fairly recent change, I think. School started and the weather got cool all at the same time.

Have a great day!

Becky K.

Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

Hi Carol...You are so never know who you are influencing! You are a real sweetie. But after 34 years of teaching high school, I love sitting on my patio with my cup of coffee as I hear the bus go through the neighborhood! Have a wonderful weekend...hugs...Debbie

Shelley said...

Great post! Teachers are heroes!!!

Barbara said...

Carol, thanks for the reminder about school starting...I am past the sending kids off to school and my days of teaching are I don't really hear the old bell anymore.


Marie said...

Our grandkids in OK go back to school next week. The summer sure did fly by.

Darlene said...

It is hard to believe that school is getting ready to start again. We start on Aug. 19th and Lexi is starting to get very excited. She is ready to see who all is in her class and with being in 5th grade they start rotating teachers so how NEAT!! The only thing she is not ready for again is homework...yuck!!

All of the teachers Lexi has had have been the BEST!! They all have always gone above and beyond their normal duties. Thanks teachers!

Kari said...

I'm so glad you don't have to go back with 'em!

I hope one day you'll be able to see how many lives you touched during all your years of teaching!

Elena said...

This is a great post! One of the things of like about Oregon is that there is no sales tax:)

Alicia @ said...

Wow..I cant believe school is nearly back in session! A few more weeks for us Ca peeps!

I LOVE teaching! It is amazing...and I often times have to tell myself this child is in my class for a reason...sometimes reasons we have no clue about! Its tough with the strongwilled kids!!

Tamara Jansen said...

That is so true! I wish our government would come up with a no tax weekend as well :)