Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Pictures. . .

Hello friends. . .I'm so happy you came by today for a visit!

We had a wonderful Christmas! For Christmas Eve dinner we had chicken enchiladas. We watched 2 of our favorite Christmas movies, 'Christmas Story' & 'Christmas Vacation'.

We got up early Christmas morning to exchange gifts & have cinnamon rolls for breakfast. We enjoyed watching 'White Christmas' after we ate.

Here's Kari with some outfits for Ethan. . .

Bob & Bobby both got new bathrobes. . .

Don't you just love this coffee mug that Bobby & Kari gave me?
I love my new 2009 Mary Engelbreit calendar from Bob.
My sister, Mary, also gave me one, now I have one for my desk & one for the kitchen!
Thanks guys!!

Now on to the dismantling of the Christmas bling! I think I'll start today putting away a few things. I will leave some decorations up for New Year's Eve & New Year's Day. I always get a little blue & depressed putting away Christmas, the house always looks so bare.
Christmas Eve was my 100th post. I'll be posting a giveaway next week to celebrate!


Tamara Jansen said...

Oh no! Don't put away the Christmas bling yet!! Keep it up until at least the New Year :)

Becky K. said...

Love that mug!

Sounds like a lovely time.

I will be posting soon about our Christmas...It has made me tired...
but happy.

Dawn Marie said...

Great gifts and I love that mug! I am alittle sad to about putting things away. I'm going to try and leave most up until after New years..but I'm already looking at the village set like it needs to go back into its boxes. I think its just something about New year--New start--fresh and clean...I cant wait til your giveaway, I love those!

I'm also going to have a giveaway during the month of January,,I'm trying to think of a theme.

Rose of Sharon said...

I'm so happy you had a beautiful Christmas! I love the matching robes! :0) That I Blog mug is fantastic! I wonder where they got it? It would be a great blog give-away (hint, hint). I have to work this morning, but get off at noon and I'm going to the thrift stores for their 50% off Christmas with my new daughter-in-law. I am taking all my Christmas stuff down on Saturday. Our tree is so dry, it is kind of scary.

Have a great day!

Hugs, Sharon

Shelley said...

That mug is so cute! I'm not looking forward to taking down the decorations either - maybe I'll do a little at a time.

valerie said...

I love the mug too! I think I need one of those!!!
My husband always says....."What are ya doin'? Blogging???" :)

The bath robes look just like the one I got my son.

By the way, tonight at my parent's house Mexican food is our menu. Yummy....I can't wait.

I'm glad you all had such a great Christmas.


Thrifty Cents said...

Chicken enchiladas...yum!
We love those movies too, just wish we had time to watch them as we are only home for like an hour on Christmas day! Glad you had such a nice one and I love the mug!

Bo said...

Hi Carol...just dropping by to wish you a Happy New Year! ;-) Bo

Anonymous said...

looks like you had a wonderful Christmas. And I love that Blog coffee cup, I'd like one of those myself. Get some rest and I'll be back soon.


bj said...

I worked on mine all day today and have every thing packed and ready to go up to the attic...whew...I just LOVE Christmas but as soon as it is over, I am so ready to get every thing back to normal....
That is the cutest mug.
love, bj