Monday, April 30, 2012

Last Day Of April

I can't believe this is the last day of April.
The day started out dark & rainy.
Now, the sun is shining giving me energy to start on some projects I want to accomplish this week.
I love how the plants look in the morning sun.
It's great to see the bright blue sky & fluffy clouds.

Here's a list of some projects I want to do this week.
* purge & organize the guestroom closet . . .

* make a wreath or basket for the front door . . .
Here are some inspiration ideas from Pinterest.
Loving this green spring wreath!
Garden Basket of Flowers for the Front Door!

* paint my garage sale platter with chalkboard paint . . .
inspiration from Pinterest . . .
 get the chalk board spray paint and paint an old silver tray....*cheap silver trays for sale at the dollar tree!
chalkboard paint on a cute plate - fun menu display!
*  tear out stones around the front yard tree and replace with a round mound of mulch. . .
This will definitely be a weekend project with Hubby!
Hint, hint!

Hope your Monday is the beginning of a wonderful week!


Sis Sue said...

You are on a roll with organizing closets. Have fun with your projects.

Judy Bigg said...

Closets are a lot of work. Hope you get your projects done.

Kerin said...

Awesome projects planned.
Have fun getting everything done.

Can't wait to see how the chalkboard and wreath turn out :)