Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Fun 2012

Our family had a fun Easter celebration!

bunny cake 2012 edition
Ethan & Emma were delighted to see the cake!
Yummy . . .
 Easter wouldn't be complete without a chocolate bunny!

We gave Emma a pink bunny that sings,
Jesus Loves Me.
Ethan got a blue bunny.

After dinner we headed outside for a little Easter egg hunt.
Ethan wasn't sure what to do so . . .
Papaw jumped in to show him how it's done.
There's one!
Emma enjoyed watching the action.
Happy little family!
Now it's time for all the bunnies to say goodbye until next year.


Sis Sue said...

LOVE the picture of the delight on Ethan and Emma's face while looking at the bunny cake, priceless. Your cake is perfect. So much fun at Nana and PaPaw house.

Elena said...

I loved your bunny cake. Very cute! Your grandchildren are both so adorable:)

Mary said...

what great pictures. Looks like the Easter Bunny showed up with loads of fun.

lookbeyondthepicketfence said...

The cake came out so nice! Maybe I will try one next year. The kids do look very excited it! I just wanted to mention I have started a new blog. I will be closing the old one. I wanted a fresh start! Same old me, different name! I hope you will continue to visit!

Christine said...

The cake looks great! I made a white cake with green coconut spread on top with colored sprinkles. That's the extent of my cake decorating. LOL

S said...

Yes, it looks like a great celebration - love the expressions on those little faces.