Monday, April 23, 2012

Flowers & Greens In Outdoor Spaces

It's chilly & sunny this morning here in NE Oklahoma.
After I slipped on my favorite, warm sweatshirt I spent a few minutes outside taking pictures of the flowers we planted yesterday.

Every year when spring begins I have a hard time deciding which flowers to plant in our front flowerbed. 
The area is in full sun so flowers planted there must be hearty.

Hubby & I shopped several places looking for the best bargains.
So many choices!
Ace Hardware
Home Depot

We also stopped by Under the Sun & Lowe's.

We ended up buying our bedding plants at Home Depot because
of the great quality & prices.
miniature zinnias
red verbena
The front flowerbed also has several nandina bushes & a large holly bush.
I'm anxious to see how this bed looks in a few weeks.
shades of green on the holly bush
green & red colors on nandina bushes
Large pots beside the front step came from
Ace Hardware.
geraniums & some unidentified green plants 

color on the deck
geranium & lantana 
 flourishing ferns

I hope your week is off to a great start!

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Sis Sue said...

Very pretty. Love all the colors. It will fill in nicely.

Kerin said...

Great choices!

Your yard is going to be stunning... once those flowers mature, there will be folks slammin' on their brakes to take a look :)

Mary said...

Bee-Utiful Carol! Love making the yard pop this time of year.

Sue said...

Carol, your flowers are so beautiful, I am so far behind on my gardens because of all the paint projects we have going. I really like the American flag displayed, Thanks for stopping by, enjoy your week.

Diann said...

Lots of beautiful flowers! Everything is going to be so gorgeous when they fill in. I love flower shopping! Have a great day. Visiting from CHS