Thursday, March 6, 2014

Back To Blogging

Hello, everyone!  I have blogged very little since the new year began.  The reason has been a simple one.  I just haven't felt like it.  After weeks of doctor visits & testing, I have found out I have rheumatoid arthritis.  Every night is a painful, sleepless challenge.  I'm waiting to see if the medication will kick in & ease the pain.  
I'm ready for spring & warmer days filled with sunshine.
My neighbors, John & Deborah gave me these beautiful spring flowers the other day.
Thank you guys for putting a smile on my face!

My sisters recently visited for 2 weeks.  Their presence lifted my spirits & challenged me to keep going no matter how I feel.  They cooked for us, shopped with me, & helped me do a lot of organizing of closets & drawers.  We love organizing & purging.  When we work together we are a force to be reckoned with!  We took many car loads to Goodwill.  I  love the feeling of having everything in order. Thank you Susan & Mary for pampering me & showering me with so many unbelievable gifts. 

This is the spring mantel  that my sisters help me create.
New items from Hobby Lobby are the candlesticks, green boxwood balls, green bird & the picture frame.
We found the bird to the left of the frame at our favorite junkin' place, River City Trading, in Jenks.
I printed the sign off of Pinterest.
"Spring Is Nature's Way of Saying, Let's Party"

Thanks for visiting today!  


Stacey said...

Hi Carol. I could tell from your absence and some of your Facebook posts that things weren't quite right. I'll be thinking of you...hope that medicine kicks right in.

Linda said...

Welcome back!! My daughter bought one of those boxwood balls yesterdy at HL as well! Love the spring look of your mantle. Hope you get some relief from the pain and some needed SLEEP!

Anonymous said...

Keeping you in my prayers that the medication will start working and bring you relief. Your mantle looks so those birds! Thank God for sisters!

Sis Sue said...

Power to 'sisterhood of the traveling pants'. Keep on keepin' on.

Patsy said...

Sorry you are feeling so much pain, you were missed on the blog roll. Love the spring look, we need that.

Vee said...

Oh that is not what I had hoped. I thought that you might have run off to Mexico for some warmth and sun. Your sisters are such loves. Glad that you had a good time together. Take care...praying for you to get some quality sleep and relief from the RA.

Sue said...

Have missed you too Carol, I will be praying for relief from the RA pain and sweet rest and sleep.
Your mantel is so pretty and inspiring. I find that fresh flowers are always so uplifting. Aren't sisters one of the best gifts.
"Welcome Back"