Sunday, March 23, 2014

Words That Inspire

Signs of spring are slowly in Oklahoma.  I keep watching for color on my red bud tree.  
So far it's still in winter hibernation.  Looking forward to seeing the glorious magenta blooms.

Wishing you a beautiful spring day . . . 


Vee said...

One thing I really loved about living in OK was enjoying spring twice. First there and, when I returned home for the summer, again here. Hope that you're seeing blossoms on your red bud tree soon. Georgians are seeing blossoms on theirs I note. Seems as if spring is delayed everywhere until the dreaded PVortex heads home for good. I'm ready to give it a good kick in the backside.☺

Sue said...

Wishing you a beautiful spring day too, Carol, our Bradford Pears have finally bloomed and they were two weeks late, and like Vee I am ready for this Vortex to be gone.
Blessings, Sue

Patsy said...

We have buds on the pear trees, it is cold and windy but sunshine here .
Hope you have a happy day.