Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Let's Talk Turkey

Here are a few of my special turkey gobblers.
This turkey is supposed to be poked into a pumpkin. 
 This year I decided to stuff him in this fall arrangement.
He looks very important on the entry table.
Here is a special little turkey created by Grandma Ruby.  Ceramics was one of her passions. 
Cute gobbler place mats for the Thanksgiving table.
I found these vintage salt & pepper shakers at an antique shop in my hometown.

Since we're talking turkey, what is your favorite way to prepare your Thanksgiving turkey?
Roasted in the oven, smoked or deep fried?
We like deep fried turkey.  We got hooked on it when my brother-in-law, Howard, fixed one for our feast when we celebrated 'turkey day' in Houston about 20 years ago.  It was so delicious he made another one the day after Thanksgiving.  

We used to use one of these to fry our bird.

When we moved to this house 9 years ago, there really wasn't a good place to fry without danger of catching the house on fire, so we bought one of these.
You can use it indoors, but if the weather is nice we use it on the patio table.  Works like a charm.


Sis Sue said...

The entry turkey does look important. As far a cooking a turkey, I prefer baked in oven in a oven bag to keep it moist.

Patsy said...

I will have to get my little turkey out and put my Thanksgiving table cloth on the table. Oh! I think I have a candle or maybe it is a Christmas candle--I'll get it out anyway.
See how you have inspired me.
Never give in like I have with old age. You do a wonderful job.

Vee said...

That is a cute turkey in the hallway...does he come in pieces?

We like our turkey slow roasted. My brother-in-law likes to deep fry them and it was good, but we were nervous about whether it was cooked. (It didn't seem to be, but nobody died. LOL!)