Thursday, February 28, 2013

Target Love

I love shopping at Target!
There is a store VERY close to my house.  Too close in fact!  If I had to I could walk there in 10 minutes.
Are you like me, you have a list of a few things & before you know it your basket is loaded with all kinds of stuff?  That's what happened when Hubby & I went shopping at Target last night.  We only needed light bulbs, black beans, oatmeal & powdered sugar.  Hubby heads towards the light bulbs with a basket & I stop at the $ section with my basket before I look for the things on my list.  I found some very cute items for Easter.  
paper plates & napkins
sprinkles & glittery spring shapes.

Next, I headed for the food section.  On the way there I pass the makeup section which jogs my memory that I need mascara & blush.  Instead of  continuing on to the food I decide to check out the Easter section at the back of the store.
Easter candy & grass went into my cart.
Hubby calls to find out where I am.
Finally I make it to the food section.  On the isle where the powdered sugar is I pass the icing & cake mixes.
Oh, yeah, I need some of that & cupcake liners.
Long story short.
With the extra stuff in Hubby's cart, our purchases came to over $100.
Did I mention I love shopping at Target?

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Sis Sue said...

And Target loves you shopping there. ; )

Stacey said...

Yes ma'am! I went yesterday and almost walked out with clothes I didn't need. Resisted for once. :)

Vee said...

So easy to do and especially these days. Hope that you're all stocked up now and good to go!


It is a dangerous and beautiful place.


Love Of Quilts said...

I don't have one near, do like to go and look when I can. Good buys can't be passed up.

Barb said...


I am laughing...this sounds so familiar. Love those Easter candies.


An Oasis in the Desert said...

Just had to chuckle -- Target has a way of just sucking you in and not letting go until you pay the price, but isn't it fun!