Monday, December 31, 2012

Mission Accomplished

 I set a goal for myself to write a blog post every day in 2012.
I'm proud to say I accomplished my goal.  365 days of memories, recipes, thoughts & sometimes nonsense.
Now I have a record of what happened in 2012.  Some day I would like to get my blog printed in book form.

Now an update on the deconstruction of our Christmas bling.  It has been slow going, but we are making progress (even though it doesn't look like it).
One tree is ready to be bagged up & put in the attic.
Hubby got the outside lights & wreaths from the front yard taken down.
I'll get started after lunch with more deconstruction.  Hopefully I'll be finished before the new year begins!

Happy New Year everyone!  Wishing you a blessed 2013!


Susy said...

Wow ~ that's a really great accomplishment! It takes commitment to blog every day ~ deciding what to write about and taking time for pictures. And I enjoyed it all!

New Year blessings to you (" xo

Sis Sue said...

You did it. Going for 2 years in a row?

Susanne said...

Wow, I bow to your blogging ability. It's always good to see what you are up to.

Kari said...

Wow good job!! That's a feat for sure!

Becky K. said...

I am very impressed, Carol. This year I have blogged less than any since I started. I miss it.
Perhaps I'll have to be more intentional next year in blogging.

Vee said...

I didn't know that you had writing daily as a goal or may be I did and forgot. I'm glad that you accomplished your mission. A blog does become a journal or a memory jogger quite often. I'd be lost without mine. Happy New Year!

Elena said...

Happy New Year Carol! That is so cool that you posted everyday. I have so enjoyed reading your blog this year:)

Sue said...

Congratulations, Carol,I have enjoyed visiting with you this year. I wanted to set that goal last year but failed miserably! However, I do want to journal more,and like you to put it in a book form for my family.
I will be working on taking our tree down today!
Have a blessed day.