Monday, December 3, 2012

Kid Friendly Nativity

I'm setting up some kid friendly Nativities in the entry hall this year.
Meet the Lizzie High Nativity.
They are kid friendly because they're made of wood.
I used this in my classroom when we read the classic children's book,
"The Best Christmas Pageant Ever". 
Joesph, Mary & Baby Jesus
Isn't He sweet?
The 3 wise men
The Heavenly Angels . . .
Peace * On * Earth
I think Ethan & Emma are going to have a good time playing with the dolls.

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Sis Sue said...

Very cute. The kids will have fun with the dolls. Love that book, we would read it aloud as a family back a few years.

Vee said...

Kid friendly is so wonderful. I'm sure we've discussed our mutual love for that book before. I read it every other year for many years as I taught a two-grade classroom and one end or the other would have just heard it the previous year. Loved it and they loved it and we laughed and even cried our way through it.

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Carol, that is just the sweetest. I love that baby Jesus. We have two child friendly nativities. This year, we are having trouble finding our baby Jesus for one set. Love the shelf full of Santas in your header. laurie