Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thankful I Don't Shop On Black Friday

Day 24 of Thanksgiving . . .
I'm thankful I don't shop on Black Friday or Grey Thursday.
I must lack an adventurous spirit or maybe I'm just too lazy to shop on Black Friday.
The #1 reason I don't shop on Black Friday is because I don't want to be trampled.  Check out what happened at the big mall just north of my house.
This is pretty crazy!
No bra, pantie, or hoodie would be worth it!
Just sayin'!  
If you're a Black Friday shopper I admire your fortitude, you are my hero!


Sue said...

You are so right This is crazy. If I had been in that crowd I probably would have been the one who fell, we tried the Black Friday shopping many years ago, as soon as we got to the mall, we turned around and came home, declaring. "NEVER EVER". lol. And like you I do admire the fortitude of those who do, and they do seem to get some great deals!
Thanks for sharing.
Enjoy your day.

Vee said...

Not this year...last year. It wasn't too bad. I don't think that too many people were in the market for an artificial tree last year as I was. You're right! Nothing at any price or even free would be worth that insanity.

Stacey said...

I'm with you Carol. I'll just pass on all of that. I don't get it at all!

Sis Sue said...

Not in my wildest dreams would I be a part of that kind of craziness, deal or no deal.

Lorilee said...

I try to avoid getting out at all on Black Friday. I don't like heavy traffic or crowds.

Love Of Quilts said...

Only once in my life have I been to a Black Friday, no more for me.