Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Thankful For The "Littles"

Day #13 of Thanksgiving . . . 
I'm so thankful for the "Littles" in our family.
My grandkids are the apple of my eye!

Sometimes their cousin Levi comes with them to play at our house.
I love having them visit!

My great-nieces . . . 
Elise & Madison

When I see their smiling faces it makes me so happy & hopeful for the future.

I have to share some pictures of our beautiful tree taken the last 2 days.
Sunday was a rainy day.
 The red popped against the grey sky.

Today it looked like it was on fire in the sunlight.
We'll see if the leaves can hang on until Thanksgiving day.

The Autumn Leaves
By Roger Williams


Sis Sue said...

All the littles featured today are the cutest kids, says the Great Aunt. ; ) They each bring showers of blessings and great hope for tomorrow.

Kari said...

Love the pictures. Elise looks like such a big girl! All the "littles" are as adorable as can be!

Jen said...


Mary said...

Ah melts my heart.
Great post Nana Carol!