Monday, June 20, 2011

Random Monday Memories #15 . . .

~Childhood Summer Memories ~

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Theme from A Summer Place. . .

Catching lightning bugs . . .

The best place to catch lightning bugs was in the empty lot
next to our neighbor's house on Broadway Street.
It seemed to me that there were hundred of fireflies
to be chased and caught.

Star gazing . . .

We would spend time laying on a quilt in the backyard
 looking for the big and little dipper and shooting stars.

Front porch swing . . .

Daytime in the porch swing was a great place to see
who was driving or walking by our house.
You knew the mailman was coming when you heard
his cheerful whistling.
Daddy would join us at night to tell stories while we
waited to see if the street sweeper would come by.

Vacation Bible School . . .

VBS was 2 weeks filled with fun and learning.
Memorizing Bible verses, singing, arts and crafts,
seeing your friends, and enjoying cookies and Koolaid.

 Summer reading . . .
I loved reading books for the summer reading
program at our library. 
The highlight was the bicycle parade downtown.
we lined up at the train depot and rode our  decorated
bikes to the library lawn where we ate popsicles,

Canning fruits and vegetables . . . 

My Grandma & Grandpa Berger always planted a large garden.
They also had a little orchard filled with several different fruit trees
and a blackberry patch.
I would help plant, pick, and snap green beans. 
Canning green beans was a big undertaking.
No air-conditioning meant a very hot kitchen to work in.
Hard work, but oh how good those beans tasted on cold winter days.

What are some of your favorite childhood summer memories?


Christine said...

Learning to skate on the neighborhood sidewalk, buying ice cream from the ice cream man, riding our bicycles all over the neighborhood and picnics in the mountains with family are just a few memories from childhood summers.

Kerin said...

Fishing in the mountains, and making hobo dinners over the fire.
I love all the wonderful summer time activities, and am always sad, because summer goes by far to fast !
We do not have lightning bugs out here in Utah. One day, I would like to catch a few :)
Have a great summer week !

Mary said...

Oh the Lazy Crazy days of summer.
We didn't get to go to the swimming pool till after the green beans were snaped.

Simple Home said...

We always had two weeks of VBS too. I don't think churches do it for two weeks anymore. It seems like it's only been one for years and years. We took swimming lessons in the summer, spent lots of time at the beach, went camping and always went to Knott's Berry Farm, and also Disneyland :)

Elena said...

I share all those memories except the fireflies. Too bad fireflies aren't West of the Rockies. I have been taking Mary to VBS this week and helping out in her class. She has been enjoying it so much!

Cindy said...

Oh, those memories are great. I lived on a dairy farm until I was 12. We kids would make mud pies, decorated with dandylions. We also enjoyed going to the creek and picking out pretty stones. Our maple tree had a swing and we also enjoyed that. We amused ourselves. My mother canned and froze vegetables and fruit. How life has changed. Thanks for sharing and stirring up some sweet memories.