Monday, May 16, 2011

Random Monday Memories #14 . . .

 I recently joined a Facebook group for my high school.
It has been fun reconecting with old friends from my past.
We're sharing our memories of our little hometown.
One friend is posting pictures she's taking of different places
around town.

Our high school was torn down many years ago.
What a wonderful old building.

Last year my class gathered to celebrate our 40th reunion.
Can't believe it has been 41 years since I graduated.

All the memories that everyone has been sharing on
Facebook made me start thinking about my yearbooks.

I was excited to find this picture on the internet!

Full of animation and spirit
 lively. . .

We always received our yearbook a few weeks
before school ended, which gave us plenty
of time to sign each other's book.
It's so entertaining to read what people wrote
in my books.

Reflecting on those years and the memories
gives me such a warm feeling.
It was an innocent time.
Life in my hometown was simple and slow paced.

What memories do you have of your high school years?


Cindy said...

What a shame to see those sturdy school buildings torn down. Glad you are enjoying reconnecting with old classmates. I was not a Christian in those days so I have mixed feelings about my life then. Still, I think fondly of many of the friends I had and of some teachers, also. Thanks for the memories!

Miss Debbie said...

I enjoyed my high school years...for the most part. There are a couple of incidents I would be happy to forget! :-)

Elena said...

That is so great to have all those special memories:)

Anonymous said...

You and I are the same age, Carol. I went to my 40th high school reunion in Muskogee last summer and it was so much fun to see everyone after all these years. 1970 was a great year. My high school was a brand new building when I first walked through its doors so it is still standing today. We had a lot of fun back then and I still get my yearbook out from time to time to remember.

tincanlily said...

I can say that I enjoyed my high school years. I wish I would of studied harder that is for sure. I loved going to all the sporting events and basically just spending time with my friends.