Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Adventures Of Ethan . . .

Hi everybody!
Nana gave me permission to tell you about some
of the adventures I had last week.

On Wednesday I had fun climbing the stairs.

With Mommy close behind I made it to the top.

Here I am sitting on Mommy's lap.
We're in the cellar waiting for the scary
tornadoes to go bye bye.
I was a good boy.
I only cried a little bit.

I always like traveling in my stroller.
We headed to the park.

Mommy and Daddy look like they're having
great fun!

Swinging is fun . . .

especially with Daddy by my side!

Before we headed home we slid down the slide.
Being 15 months old is so much fun!!!


Becky K. said...

Great photos, Carol. Ethan is getting so big! This post brings back many happy memories and also makes me look forward to being Grandma to someone.

Becky K.

Darlene said...

Awwwww Ethan is getting soooo big! New adventures everyday for a 15 month old!!!!! He is just adorable.♥

Linda C said...

Carol, Ethan is getting so big!- and stairs already!! He is a such a cutey pie!
I love the swing shots:)
Ethan and our grand Sophia are very close in age- doing the same things:) Wish she lived closer!

Enjoy your day!

Stacey said...

Ethan is looking like a little boy. :) They are such an adorable family.

Amelia said...

Carol, he is such a cutie...I know you are proud of him and enjoy the time when he is around.

Oklahoma Granny said...

You need to put a brick on that boy's head. He's growing up way too fast!

Patsy said...

I bet he is a good baby, so cute

Marilyn said...

Adorable! Aren't grandkids just the best thing ever? Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Love your pictures!! We looks so teeny next to mom and dad in the swing!! Cayden doesn't like the swings so much! I LOVE to Swing!! I told Alicia I was going to swing on my 50th Birthday!!

Elena said...

He is so cute! I love his big blue eyes. Looks like he has been having a lot of fun!

Julie Harward said...

Ethan is a very handsome boy with those blue eyes and it looks like he knows how to have fun! :D

Cindy said...

Those swing pictures are all so cute! They do love the swing at this age. Go Ethan, go!

Sherry said...

How sweet! He's growing so fast! And . . . just a darling little guy! We've been fish'n over at my blog. My grandkids just love spending time around the pond. A little scary with an almost-two-year-old, but we all keep a very close eye on him. Aren't grandchildren just. . . . GRAND!?

Kerin said...

Hi Carol!
I'm spreading the news .... we are home from the hospital and we are going to live!! :)
Thanks so much for your kind words and compassion and well wishes for Spencer and for us too !
You are a sweet-heart !!!
Cutest pictures!! Your sweet Ethan is such a charmer and has a smile that could melt a thousand hearts:)
Have a wonderful evening !

Opie Dawn said...

CUTE! I love the photo of the three of them on the swings! Ethan is a doll!

Love you,

Shelley said...

I can't believe how big Ethan has gotten! Wow! He's a cutie!