Monday, May 17, 2010

Random Monday Memories #7 . . .

The past few days I've been reminiscing
about my graduation from college.The four years I spent at
Oklahoma State University
were filled with many memorable moments.

I toiled many hours in this beautiful library.
We had no personal computers back then.
All research was done by using the card catalog files
to find books. Also, current newspapers and
magazines were available.

President Richard Nixon spoke at
my graduation in May 1974.
I lived in an apartment complex across the street
from the football field where graduation
was going to be held.
The weeks and days before the ceremony the
sky space above the stadium was filled with helicopters
doing their Secret Service duties.
When the President entered the stadium that afternoon
we were thrilled to see his wife, Pat, was with him.
I was able to shake hands with the First Lady
when she passed by.
Do you have any graduation memories to share?


Kerin said...

Good morning Carol!!
Wow.. what a gorgeous library. Sounds like you had a great experience getting to hear the president and meet the first lady!
I can remember on gradution day, it snowed! Of course.....:)

Stacey said...

How neat! Those are great memories including important people.

The thing I remember most about college graduation was that I wondered if it was really true! Could they possibly take it away from me? LOL

Oklahoma Granny said...

What a wonderful memory for you.

I loved hearing the OSU music as I read your post today.

Go 'Pokes!

Becky K. said...

How very special. This time of year is full of graduations.

I grew up very close to the town of State College where Penn State is found. My best friends as a high school student were the Christian College Students who came to the church Dad pastored. So many hours spent on that campus. While I attended PSU I did not graduate from there. I became a dental assistant instead.

Becky K.

Elena said...

Wow that is really awesome! I don't have any exceptional memories of graduation from high school or college. Just that I was very happy it was over:) I have never shook a president of fist lady's hand but I seen President Reagan up close and President Ford.

Sweet Woodruff said...

Woah! My dad was getting his Masters there. I think a little earlier, maybe 71 or 72. That is so cool.