Friday, March 19, 2010

Say It Isn't So . . .

This is how we may be celebrating the
first day of spring in Oklahoma!

At least my tulips aren't blooming.

TULSA, OK -- Enjoy Friday's spring-like weather. News On 6 meteorologist Dick Faurot says, because "the bottom is fixing to drop out just in time for the weekend and the ‘official' start to Spring."
Rain changing to sleet and snow is in the forecast for Saturday morning with the forecast calling for six plus inches of snow falling across much of northeastern Oklahoma.
The cold front is expected to push through the area overnight Friday with the temperature dropping from the low 70's Friday afternoon to a much colder start to the day on Saturday.
The National Weather Service has issued a Winter Storm Watch for heavy snow, which is in effect from Saturday morning through Sunday evening.


Tins and Treasures said...


Please send that east instead of north...We still have plenty!

Have a fabulous Friday ~Natalie

Patsy said...

Sorry to see that for you ,we will get rain and a chill.

Rhonda said...

really crazy! I have laundry hanging on the line today

the NBC weathermen in OKC are saying an even worse forecast - up to 14 inches just like Christmas Eve.

Linda C said...

Whoa!Crazy! We are only expecting 1-3 inches up here. And then warm temps right away, so it won't stay around. Hopefully, your temps will take care of it quickly!!

Take care!


Oklahoma Granny said...

I just posted about the weather here. We have (had) plans of racing this weekend. Wishing you a great weekend regardless of the weather!

Kerin said...

Oh yuck!
I sure hope that it isn't as bad as it is expected to be. Hope the weather man is wrong!
Stay warm and safe.
Have a great day!

Nancy's Notes said...

OH my heavens! Can't believe it, so sorry! Spring will be there soon, hang in there! Thanks for dropping in today, so nice of you!

Nancy's Notes

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

OMGOODNESS Carol, I can't believe y'all might get 6" tomorrow! Stay warm! laurie

Anonymous said...

You could come to CA for a visit!

Anonymous said...

From your comment on Becky's blog, I must say I love all your different daily songs!

Opie Dawn said...

Oh my! This has been such a crazy season!
I like your new picture for spring. Stay warm. It is raining and cold here today, but no snow!


Kerin said...

Oh cutie pie.. I feel for you!
We are zone 5a here, and we have had such a LONG, LONG winter. The sun is shinning today, finally. I'll be thinking warm thoughts and sending them your way:)

Cindy said...

Golly, I thought March was a very changeable month up here in the north east! The good thing is you know that it won't last. One final chance to enjoy that hot chocolate before the temps start to soar! Stay warm:)