Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hallmark Moments . . .

I have been collecting Hallmark ornaments for years.
I enjoy taking them out of their boxes each
year when it's time to trim the tree.
Each one has a special memory.
Here are some of my favorites.
There are several lighted ornaments in the collection.
I bought this leg lamp ornament last
year for my hubby. He's a big fan
of the movie,
'Christmas Story'.

This old fashioned radio gives a news report
that Santa has been seen flying in his sleigh.

One of my favorites is the movie theater
that's showing the Christmas classic
'It's A Wonderful Life'.

Little girl playing with her dollhouse.

Santa raiding the fridge.

We have several ornaments showing Santa
riding in different modes of transportation.

I love these little houses.

Firehouse . . .

School . . .

This is the old 'filling station'.
The inside of each house it so detailed.

Santa is relaxing in his hammock
on the beach watching TV
after a busy night of delivering gifts
to all the good boys & girls.


Cindy said...

Even though we have collected many Hallmark ornaments over the years, I have never seen any of these---what fun! I enjoyed looking at them in detail very much! Maybe I will post a few of mine. Great idea.

Elena said...

Those are all are so cute! I love the memories behind the ornaments too.

Susie said...

You have a wonderful collection Carol. I always enjoy opening mine too. We collect ornaments from places we visit so they all serve as sweet reminders.

Anonymous said...

Hallmark ornaments are so special! They have such cute ones!!!

I like your leg lamp one!!

Simple Home said...

I love Hallmark ornaments. I saw a different version of the leg lamp at our store this year, but it was sold out almost immediately. I guess lots of guys like that movie. My kids get a new ornament each year. It was a good idea when it started with our first child, but with six kids, our tree has gotten pretty heavy :-)

Kim @ Home Is Where The Heart Is said...

I LOVED seeing your favorite Hallmark ornaments! I've been collecting them, too, and I also enjoy unpacking them each year.

Merry Christmas :)

Patsy said...

They are all so sweet.

Ginger said...

I too, collect Hallmark ornaments and try to get one each year that has something to do with whatever happened during the year, like a new dog, a new baby, moving, etc.
My favorite of my collection is the Wizard of Oz ornaments.
It's always fun to unpack each one and remember when we bought it.