Monday, July 27, 2009

A Grand Saturday . . .

This past Saturday was a grand day!

Ethan turned 5 months old.

My sister, Susan, & brother-in-law, Mike, were here for a visit. They enjoyed holding Ethan & getting to know him a little better.

Now for another bit of grand news! Susan & Mike had decided a few weeks ago to pass along their baby grand piano to us. They are in the process of selling their home & down sizing to a smaller house. This is the piano that was in our childhood church for many years. It was built in 1934. They purchased it 13 years ago when the church bought a new piano.

We recruited our friend Brad to help unload & set up the heavy piano.
Our old Baldwin piano was moved to Kari & Bobby's house.

The piano looks so elegant & grand in our front room. I discovered that I'm very rusty at the piano playing when I tried to play a few old hymns.
My goodness, it's been many years since I've played! Shame on me!!
I have great plans to practice a little each week until I can play without being embarrassed! Maybe I'll be ready to play some Christmas tunes in December!

Susan found some of my old sheet music that I used to play when I was a teenager. I think it will be fun reacquainting myself with the oldies.

I want to say a big thank you to Mike & Susan for being so generous to deliver & present us with this beautiful piano that holds so many memories for our family. We love you!


Becky K. said...

How very lovely!

I was commenting last week that since I play at church I almost never play the one here at home.

I really should take the time to do that it is so relaxing. I hope you enjoy your time back at the keyboard.

Becky K.

Stacey said...

What a wonderful gift! It looks perfect in your room. I know you will enjoy playing it. I'm not a piano player but I've always heard that grands sound so much better.

Ethan is sure changing. That smile is adorable!

Kari said...

It looks great in there! I can't wait to hear you play!! I don't know if I have yet!



Elena said...

That was so cool! I would love to have a grand piano but I am happy with the upright that I have. It was a family piano too that I played on as a kids. Piano music is so lovely!

Patsy said...

It is hard to belive your Ethan and our Nicolas or 5 months old.

tincanlily said...

That piano looks great, like it has always been there. You'll have fun playing for Ethan we he gets older. All the cute songs!

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Oh that was a "grand" weekend! Love how you tied these together. Does Ethan ALWAYS smile. Every time I see him, he has that huge grin on his face, and he is just sooo cute, and growing so fast! How great to have the piano from your childhood church. It does look beautiful in your home. I'm sure that having it is going to encourage you to practice. What a generous gift from your siter. laurie

Marie said...

Your piano is beautiful! I know you will enjoy playing it and being able to play will come back to you.