Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Garden Flowers . . .

Our sunflowers are in full bloom.

I see you there in glory shining bright,
Following the sun and its path of light.

Standing tall above all others in the field,
You grow, conquer, and do not yield.
The birds take great delight in playing round you,
from day to night.

With your petals of yellow and leaves of green
How very easily you are seen.
But there is more to you than first sight,
More than beauty and grander to delight.

Every beautiful aspect that appears,
Gives praise to the Father dear.
He made you a part of creation,
And you praise him in glorious celebration!

The beauty that within you is expressed,
Gives testimony to his greatness.
Sunflower, how I long to be like you!
Glorifying God in all I do.

Following the Son and His path of light,
To worship Him in His glory shining bright.
I can learn from you, my friend,
With every breath, praise to God, I might send.

With all of his creation telling the story,
Might I, with you, proclaim His glory.
~By Katherine R. Lane (April 19, 1995)~


Patsy said...

They are beautiful.

Kari said...

Wow--I didn't realize so many had bloomed! Our sunflower plant finally did! I liked your poem!


Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Carol, your sunflowers are beautiful! I love sunflowers, and this lovely poem expresses a lot of the reasons I love them. Thanks for sharing the flowers and the poem. I enjoyed your post. laurie

Tamara Jansen said...

I just love sunflowers! We've never grown them in the greenhouse though :(