Sunday, June 28, 2009

Endurance, Character, Hope . . .

Endurance produces character, and character produces hope.
Romans 5:4

It seems that in today's busy world with all its knowledge and new technology, many people are overlooking the importance of developing good character. In bygone days, it went without saying that neighbors helped neighbors and a man's words was his bond. Children learned good characteristics by the examples set before them in their parents and teachers.

This is still the best way to produce good character. God's plan is for us to be wise and develop positive character traits not only in our own lives but also in the lives of our children and those we influence. Don't make the mistake of thinking this can be accomplished overnight. It takes time and determination, but the end product is priceless.

Character--the sum of those qualities that make
a man a good man and a woman a good woman.
Theodore Roosevelt
Taken from God's Daily Answer


Darlene said...

What a lovely post! I think now days a LOT of people are overlooking the importance of developing good character.

Patsy said...

Good character is moral stength.I think a lot of people have lost there way when it comes to character.
Good post.

Opie Dawn said...

So true! Great post.

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Carol, this is so true! It is a topic that has me very concerned. There are just too many adult role models displaying the wrong kind of life for young people to follow. Thank you for a wonderful post. laurie