Wednesday, May 13, 2009

W.W.W. ? ? ?

Who Will Win
American Idol
? ? ?

I'd like to see Kris win. First of all he's from Arkansas, our neighboring state to the east. Second, he's cute & adorable. He looks like the 'All American' boy next door. Third, he has a pure singing voice, no pitch problems, & he can play the piano & guitar, which shows he's multi talented.

I like Danny Gokey a lot. He's my second choice. He voice is powerful & he sings with emotion. I admire him for carrying on with life & his dreams after his wife died not long before he auditioned for the show.

I admit Adam is a fantastic showman & singer, but he is my third choice. He's not my type of guy. Sorry, but his look & singing style don't float my boat. I probably say this because I'm an old fashioned girl, after all I'm heading toward 60 in a few years. After saying all this about Adam I think he may win the whole enchilada because he's so different.

It will be interesting to see the show tonight
& find out who made the finals!


Patsy said...

Kris is my pick all most home town

Susie said...

I love Kris since I'm from AR but I think Adam will win.

tincanlily said...

I like all three.
I would like Danny or Kris to win.
I like Adam, he is very talented.
I have Carrie's and David Cook's cds in my car right now.
I would buy Kris or Danny's cd I am not too sure about Adam's.

Kari said...

This is the closest top 3 I've seen since I started watching the show! Like you, I'm afraid Adam might win--I don't want him to, even though he is definitely a talented artist. I'd be happy with Chris or Gokey.
See you later on today!


Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Carol, I loved your post, and I love the comments you have gotten! Your impressions of the 3 contestants sounds exactly like my thoughts about them! Those judges are going to be SO upset if Adam doesn't win the whole thing! It will be an interesting night tonight. laurie

Linda C said...

I haven't been following it this season. But facebook was all lit up last week around here when Danny was in Milwaukee. And then I read about him. Now I've for him - being from Wisconsin and all:)- and a Christian and a nice guy:)

Linda C

Becky K. said...

I was hoping for Danny...but now will shift my hopes to Chris.

I like Adam's talent(not style)...a lot...but he will be fine either way.

Chris is such a genuine and likeable musician.

Becky K.

Melissa Miller said...

I must say I have watched AI every single year since the beginning and I have never ever heard a voice like Adam's. He is a very nice guy as well. I think we forget that part about him watching him sing with his black nail polish on.
He really should win the whole thing based on his voice. He's my pick.

Have a wonderful evening.
~Melissa :)

PS Clay Aiken was my other all time favorite along with David Cook. :)

Shelley said...

I love Adam (but wish he would lose the eyeliner!)