Monday, August 6, 2012

Up Close & Personal Fire Damage

Mannford, Oklahoma is beginning the slow recovery from the wild fires that swept through the area over the weekend.
I'm starting to find out about friends who have suffered complete loss.
Meet Keith Taylor, a morning news anchor for News Channel 8 in Tulsa.
He & his family live west of Mannford on Speck Wright Road.
I know his family because I had two of his daughters in my class.
They lost their home in the wildfire.
Here is an emotional video of him talking about his loss.
Click on picture to see video.
I also found out that one of my former students, April, lost her home in the fire.
Here is her post on Facebook yesterday morning.
"It's 4 am and I can't sleep. I can't stop thinking of what we are going to do, where we will go, what we lost. Noah's school clothes and supplies, all Elijah's new baby stuff, yearbooks, pictures, memorabilia from friends, brothers, grandparents, parents, home videos all gone. It's a snowball of emotions I pray for sleep and peace. Tomorrow we are going back to see the damage."  
This is all that remains of here home.
It breaks my heart.

My Hubby told me this morning that one of his co-workers lost her home.
I'm sure we will be hearing other stories of loss as the days go by.

Please pray for everyone who lost so much.
Many did not have insurance.
If you can give to the Red Cross.
Red Cross: Wildfire Disaster Relief
Click on picture for link.


Elena said...

That is so heart breaking. We will be praying for them. The Red Cross does an amazing work.

Sis Sue said...

Hurting for everyone that has gone through this crisis.

Barbara~Bella Vista said...

Carol, this is heartbreaking. Makes me so sad. Still praying and I won't stop.

Patsy said...

Oh! Carol I am so sorry.

Becky K. said...

Oh Carol. My heart is sad. What a moving video. I appreciated how he was thinking of others in his time of loss.
I'll be praying for all impacted and for those who will be giving them comfort and practical help during these hard days and months.

Kerin said...

Oh dear, such sad stories.
My heart sure goes out to those folks!

Saying prayers for all involved and affected by these fires.

Sue said...

OH! This just breaks my heart, Carol! we will continue to pray.

Mark Martin said...

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