Wednesday, August 22, 2012

School Daze In The Kitchen Window

I added a few 'school daze' touches to the kitchen window.
All these pieces are from my classroom collection.
A fun retro book about school.
"Look what I did in school today!"
"I touch the future . . . I teach . . ."
Aunt Bee's cookbook

I wonder what Opie liked to eat for an after school snack?
Maybe this . . .
What was your favorite after school snack?

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Cindy said...

Love the back-to-school theme, Carol. The vintage book takes me back to my childhood. And who doesn't wish they had an Aunt Bea?!

Sis Sue said...

Love the window ledge decorations. My favorite after school snack was the homemade carmel popcorn Mom would have ready and waiting for us on a cool fall day.

Janet said...

Love the school daze decorations! I wouldn't have this everyday after school, but sometimes when my mother would make a pie, she'd have extra pastry left over. She would use this to make a jelly roll with her homemade raspberry preserves...oh, so good. No one could make a pie pastry or preserves like my mother! Such great memories!

Susy said...

I love your collection Carol ~ going "back to school" is part of you (:
I worked all my life, and find I still take lunch and afternoon "breaks". Some things are just part of the rhythm of our life I guess.

Kerin said...

Such cute additions!
Love that cookbook... I've been wanting to buy one from Amazon like it.

I would have to say my favorite after school snack was when my mom baked bread.
Hot bread with butter and peach pit jelly.

Smiles :)

Elena said...

My mom would sometimes let us have grahm crackers with homemade frosting in between them :)

Sherry said...

So cute! Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!