Thursday, August 23, 2012


I finally found it! 
A comfortable walking shoe!
I bought these at Kohl's yesterday.
They are super lightweight!
Love that!
I checked out other colors on line at Zappos & 
Famous Footwear.
I would be a snazzy Nana if I wore these.
These lace ups look interesting.
Skechers Go Walk Slip-on Shoes
I think I'll just stick to the basic black or brown.

BTW, guys they've got them for men too.

What is your favorite athletic shoe?


Rhonda said...

I have the crankiest feet- they don't much like any shoes. But these look like they might work for me. Thanks for the tip.

No Kohls in Stillwater though, will have to look when we head to Tulsa or OKC

Marilyn said...

I've walked 3 miles/day for most days since May of 2000--- and have tried lots of walking shoes. I've found that the New Balance cross trainers work best for my feet. The arch hits me in the right spot. I do like the looks of these shoes you found and may need some for 'everyday' use. They look comfortable and cute.

Susy said...

Those look comfy. I need to start walking ~ maybe a new pair of shoes will be the motivator. Let us know how they work out (:

Sis Sue said...

Very nice shoes, enjoy!

Kerin said...

Hi Carol!
Those do look like comfy shoes!
I have sad, hurty feet.. and I'm always trying different shoes.
Currently, my walking shoes are Underarmour--UA.
So far, so good.

Smiles :)