Tuesday, August 7, 2012

House Guests

Bobby & Kari's air conditioner went out Saturday.
Ugh, don't you hate when that happens?
Hubby tried to fix it, but couldn't figure it out.
The kids have been staying with us since Saturday night.
The repair man said he could check it out today.

We've been having fun doing all sorts of activities.
Ethan pulling Kleenex out of the box, shredding it, 
pretending it's snow.
This was not a planned activity.
Cousin Levi comes by every morning to join in the fun.

Yesterday we built a "Bat Cave".

Who knows what adventures will happen today!
Making memories is priceless!


Elena said...

So cute!! Kids are so fun and they keep you on your toes:)

Sis Sue said...

Lots of fun at Nana's house. Stay cool!

Kerin said...

Yes indeed... making memories is priceless.
Enjoy your little visitors :)

Sue said...

Oh how right you are Carol, Making memories is priceless.

Cindy said...

So cute they all are and what fun!