Monday, August 27, 2012

Slipping Away

August is coming to an end.  
The feel of autumn is in the air, especially at night & early morning.
We were blessed with some wonderful rain over the weekend.
I'm still waiting to start decorating for autumn.
I'll get started the day after Labor Day.
Labor Day weekend always marks the last hoorah of the summer.
We're looking forward to a relaxing time.

Today I'm sending positive thoughts & prayers to family & friends who may be affected by hurricane Issac.  Stay safe everyone!


Anonymous said...

I'm SO ready for autumn. Summers have been killers for the last couple of years.
BTW: Love the picture at the top of your blog. Where was it taken?

Elena said...

Fall is coming here too! I love the weather change too. Cool nights and nice sunny days.

Patsy said...

We got your rain this afternoon, Thanks for sending it over .LOL

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

I'm not getting Fall decor out until after Labor Day either. Summer has just flown by me. Hope you have a good week and a wonderful Labor Day weekend. laurie

Debbie Kay said...

I am with you, we are enjoying the wrap up of summer and looking ahead to Fall with open arms.
Your decorations are so cute!



Becky K. said...

It's a shame that I always wish August away....just can't take the heat and humidity. But I definitely embrace September!! Celebrate it, even. Glad you had some rain!!