Monday, January 23, 2012

Random Monday Memories #23 . . .

I ran across this picture that my son scanned for me back in August.
I think this was taken in May 1985.
(Thanks, Sis Sue, for helping me get the date right.)
Wish I had taken time back then to write on the back of all pictures.

These adorable children are my nephew, Grant, niece, April, my son, Bobby and Ashley (she calls me Aunt Carol & I love it), my brother-in-law's niece.  They are sitting on the bench in front of my parents' shoe store in my hometown. 
We had all gathered downtown to watch the annual reunion parade.
So long ago & brings back so many memories.

Now we're making new memories with new little ones in our family.
Grant's little 8 month old  Iris, April's 4 year old Elsie and Bobby's 2 children (my grandkids), 2 year old Ethan & 10 month old Emma.  
April & her husband, Jason are expecting another little girl in May.
They have been trying to decide on a name for the new baby & I suggested several names which included my #1 pick, Madison.
Guess what?
They like it & have decided on the name Madison Elaine.
I'm so excited!  

Thanks for letting me share my Mommy, Auntie brag book picture with you!


Sis Sue said...

Cute picture. It has got to be earlier that 1987. Kara was born in 87. Bobby and Grant was 6 when Kara was born and April was 9. By the looks of the kids I would guess the picture to be 1984 or 85.

Carol said...

Thanks, Susan, for helping me get the dates right! : )

Cindy said...

How time flies. Scanning old photos is a must, even if you don't see a date on them. We will have soooo many more photos of our grandchildren not that it's gone digital.

Cindy said...

I meant "now that. . ." sigh

Mary said...

What a wonderful post about the kids. I love the name you picked...Madison.

Gloria (The Little Red House with the White Porch) said...

Great photo and great memories you have shared... aren't our old memories the best? And congrats on your name being chosen! Madison is a very pretty name indeed.

Opie Dawn said...

How sweet! I love it! The pic certainly brings back great memories. I am excited to tell little Madison that her awesome Auntie Carol helped choose her name! We love you lots!
April :-)

Sharing Shadymont said...


Thanks for your visit and following. I'm returning the favor. Your blog is great!

Love Of Quilts said...

Cute picked a lovely name.

Elena said...

Isn't amazing how the years slip by. Thanks for sharing your sweet memories:)