Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday Show & Tell. . .

Welcome friends to Friday 'show & tell'!
Come on in & meet some of my Thanksgiving visitors. . .

Let me introduce you to the nicest Amish family you'll ever meet. They've been visiting our home every November for the past 20 years!

Now say hell0 to Mr. & Mrs. Pilgrim. They always show up bringing a bounty of harvest. See the butter churn & loaf of bread?

Once again here are the prairie people I introduced you to the other day. They moved to another location in the house to wait for Thanksgiving Day to arrive.

Here we have the friendly Quaker family. The Mrs. always brings a basket of fresh flowers.

Now meet Mr. & Mrs. Dollar Tree. Notice they also brought food for the feast & are looking toward heaven to give thanks for the bountiful harvest!

This is a sweet Amish lady that's been coming to the dinner for at least 20 years.

Last but not least we always enjoy visiting with our Native American guests.

I hope you enjoyed today's 'show & tell' as much as I have. Can't wait to see what next Friday will have for us to enjoy!


Anonymous said...

You make me want my country home in the mountains back again, so much. I love your taste in decorating. in fact, I guess I just love beautiful homes. :)


Shellmo said...

I love all your friends! The prairie people are my favorite!

Melissa Miller said...

Absolutely precious! Your home must feel so warm and welcoming on Thanksgiving day. :)

Mary said...

Love the Show N Tell idea for Fridays. Reminds me of Grand school were we had Show n Tell time. Wish I could be there for Thanksgiving this year.
Have a good one today. It's my day off and I don't know where to start on all the things I need to do.
Love you

Bo said...

What a darling collection of Thanksgiving "guests" you have accumulated...I think I need to start one now! ;-) Bo

the voice of melody said...

Your decorations are amazing! I think they have such a touch of "warm and cozy". Just beautiful!

P.S. I've posted today about the sweet award that you gave me. Thanks again Carol!! :)

brettinsky said...

Such cute Thanksgiving decorations! And did those two really come from the dollar tree? Great deal!

Thanks for stopping by! Please do make a list and follow along-I promise you a stress free (as much as it can be) holiday!