Thursday, April 16, 2015

Spring Happenings

It's a beautiful day here in our city.
A couple of weeks ago we found these beauties at our favorite landscape & nursery, Southwood.
While we were there we noticed the wisteria were almost in bloom.
A few days later they posted this picture on Facebook.
Our red bud tree was lovely this year.
The kids came over for Easter dinner.
It was raining so the egg hunt would happen indoors.
Soon after dinner Ethan started running a fever & felt miserable.
After a few hours he was taken to pediatric urgent care.  Poor little guy had strep throat.  By the time they came back to our house Emma was running a fever.  The next morning she went to the doctor.  She also had strep.  Bummer!  

 I will be blogging more so check back soon.
Thank you for stopping by today.


Vee said...

Oh no! Poor grands to be so sick on Easter. Hope that they are right as rain now. I like your cute bunny garland! I can only imagine how lovely your city is today...and I can imagine it well.

Stacey said...

Strep throat is awful! Hope the kiddos are better.

Your flowers are so pretty, Carol.

Patsy said...

They can get sick so fast, hope they are much better now.
Glad you will be blogging more.

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol! Seems you've been as busy as me! Sorry about the rain on Easter but I have a feeling the little ones had fun anyway. I love your pretty flowers. I'm anxious to get out in the dirt too.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Sue said...

Hi Carol! I hope the grandchildren are feeling much better!
I love indoor Easter egg hunts, our children wold hide the eggs over and over again.
The flowers are beautiful love the smell of wisteria, I first found about it when dh and I were first married, his Mother had one that bloomed near her porch, I loved sitting out there taking in it's fragrance.
I too have been absent from blogging and am trying to get back.
Thanks for sharing.