Monday, March 30, 2015

Boston Fern Inspiration

Hello, friends! Happy Monday to you all!
 I have only been doing a blog post on Sundays.  Yes, I've been a blog slacker.  I was inspired this morning to start posting more frequently.
These beautiful ferns on our deck were my inspiration.
They are so green & lush. 
We always hang Boston Ferns on our deck.  It's one of the first signs of spring in our outdoor spaces. 
We found these at Sam's for $12.96.  A good deal in my opinion.

Question, what is one of the first things you add to your outdoor spaces when spring arrives?


Sis Sue said...

Very pretty ferns, they do give a nice welcome to your back deck.
First thing I typically add to my outdoor space is cushions and pillows to make porch sitting comfy.

Vee said...

The ferns look beautiful. We're so far behind that I don't rightly know what comes first...the snow melting would be good!

Anonymous said...

HI Carol! Oh, I love these ferns and they do look so pretty hanging off the porch. I have no idea what will be my first springy thing to do yet! Happy Easter.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Kerin said...

Hi Carol.
Beautiful ferns!!
It's far too cold here to put out ferns, just yet.
I do want to have ferns on the front porch this summer.
We have a north facing porch, and I think they will do beautifully :)

Glad to read that you'll be posting more often :)

Have a happy day!


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