Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Growing Too Fast

My grand kids are growing by leaps & bounds.  
Ethan lost his 1st tooth yesterday.
Makes me sad & happy at the same time.

The other day when Ethan was walking by the flower pots at the front door
, he paused & looked at the flowers.  He pointed out to me that the petunias were the colors of the USA.  This for sure proves he's growing up & showing what he's being taught.  So proud of this big boy!  
Love you, buddy!  


Kathe said...

What a handsome and smart boy Ethan is Carol! You are such a lucky Grandma :-)Your love shines right through your post :-)

Vee said...

He has the cutest little window in his smile now!

Anonymous said...

I love that: "Window in his Smile!" thanks to Vee for that description!

Sis Sue said...

Just wait for the big tooth to show up, he will look more grown-up for sure.

Sue said...

Precious photo, and they do grow up way to fast, enjoy every moment making those memories.
Happy Independence Day!