Sunday, June 15, 2014

Missing My Daddy Today & Always

Happy fathers day Saying

Gerald Murray
Daddy & Bobby, 1981
Having fun on vacation, 1978

Wishing you a great day of making memories . . .


Vee said...

Many warm memories be yours today. You'll be making new ones, too!

Kerin said...

Awe.. such sweet pictures.

I'm sure I would have liked your Dad. He looks like he had a great sense of humor.... with those cute hats :)

I too miss my Dad. Always will.

Thanks for the poem.

Have a sweet day.


Patsy said...

Have a Happy Father's Day at your home today.

Sis Sue said...

Hard to imagine he was about my age I am now, when those pictures at Johnson's in Cassville, MO where taken. Dad got such a kick out of how that retail store operated. Makes me want a big container of cheese balls. ; )Miss him very much.

Debbie Kay said...

Hugs to you my blog friend.