Friday, May 31, 2013

Scary Weather Again & Again

Our weather was very scary yesterday.
Here's what happened in a nutshell.
Tornadoes skipped above & around my home town a few miles from where we live.
Hubby tried to beat the storm.  We live 45 minutes from his office.  The transmission went out in his vehicle on the turnpike. Our son, Bobby, had to pick him up.  They had to wait for the tow truck.   Thank goodness they were there in 10 minutes.
This is the picture Bobby took while they waited.  Storms passed on to the east.  Thank the Lord everything & everyone was safe & sound.  While we waited for Bobby to go to his office & tie up some loose ends, another storm was forming west of town.  It appeared to be going north.
We met Bobby at Zio's for dinner.
While we were eating the waiter told us the weather was getting bad again.  Our cell phones got a severe thunderstorm warning call. We quickly finished our dinner.  When we went outside it looked bad to the east & south in Broken Arrow where Bobby & Kari live.  She was at her parents in their storm shelter.  While we drove home the tornado sirens were blaring.  When we got home we climbed down into the cellar & stayed there 30 minutes.  So thankful once again that everything & everyone was safe.  Some folks in Broken Arrow weren't as fortunate & suffered damage to their homes.
Photo: at quicktrip 81st and highway 51 right before it hit....PHOTO BY: Brian Ring
Taken right before the tornado touched down in Broken Arrow.  About 7 miles from our house.

Mr. weatherman says we expect more of the same weather this afternoon & evening.  
I Hope he's wrong!


Becky K. said...

I watched the Weather Channel for a long time last evening....Praying that you would all be safe. Kind of glad I didn't know about the broken down vehicle. Whew, scary!

NanaNor's said...

Hi Carol, So thankful you were all safe last night. I've been through one tornado since we moved to Colorado and now watch the sky when it's that time of year. At least we have warnings, unlike major earthquakes I've been through. Praying the Lord's protection over you and yours.
Hugs, Noreen

Kathe said...

Prayers that you and your family continue to stay safe Carol!! (and I wish we had a Zio's close by! Our favorite Italian place and not one within an hours drive!)

Shelley said...

Sending prayers that you stay safe and the storms go away!

Vee said...

They have just broken in on regular programming to show the storms this evening. Such scary weather. I am praying for you all and that these storms will dissipate. I am always glad to know that people have storm shelters. Stay safe...