Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Autumn Weather . . .

Today was delightful!
Brisk wind, sunny skies, and temps in the upper 50s!
A freeze warning has been announced for tonight.

I'm hoping these pretty geranium blooms will survive on our deck.
I know their days are numbered, 
but I'd like to enjoy them a little longer.

Hope you're enjoying your Autumn weather.


Love Of Quilts said...

Pretty geraniums. I too want my to last longer...its just a matter of time before they will be gone for another year. I'm thinking about bringing them inside for the winter. Trish

Christine said...

Yes, enjoying this weather. I covered all my flowers last night with sheets I keep for just that purpose. I want to enjoy my flowers as long as I can.

Elena said...

Yes, I have so enjoyed our fall weather here. We have not got a killing frost yet. The plants just thrive in this weather.