Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Surviving Another Tooth Extraction . . .

Yesterday I had a tooth extraction.
It's the third tooth I've had pulled
in the past 4 years.

My oral surgeon, Dr. Woodward is wonderful.
So kind & comforting.
The amazing thing is I woke up this morning with absolutely no pain!
I hate/love taking pain medication so I'm happy I didn't need
to take a pill this morning.

Too bad I'm too old for the Tooth Fairy!
I have no doubt if she did visit old people
like me she'd leave a $100 bill under
my pillow for the wisdom tooth I lost yesterday!


Sue said...

i had to have a tooth pulled last week, too. I tried to keep it for the tooth fairy but the dentist assured me it was worthless!!!!! it did curb the eating for a few days, so wasn't totally worthless! i hope you totally recover without pain

Cindy said...

A wisdom tooth---good riddance, I'm sure. So glad it went well!

Christine said...

So glad you survived the tooth extraction. I haven't had one pulled in a long time. Hope that's it for you.

Elena said...

I'm so glad you didn't have pain! Wisdom teeth are worth alot:)

tincanlily said...

I am glad to hear you are feeling no pain! But take it easy, you never know! I say no housework for a week, at least! You want to be 100 % for when the new baby comes home!

Miss Debbie said...

I am grateful for my dentist,but I don't like going to see him! Glad you aren't in pain...that's a PTL!

Patsy said...

I am happy you don't have pain.When I go to the dentist the pain is when I have to PAY.

Opie Dawn said...

I am glad it went well and you are feeling good! :-)

Love you,

Bianca said...

A wisdom tooth getting pulled feels so uncomfortable, right? However, it's great that you felt no pain when you woke up. That's very lucky of you, but it's best to keep taking it easy until you're completely sure. Well, I'm glad it went well for you!

-Bianca Jackson