Saturday, March 5, 2011

Emma Has Arrived . . .

Our granddaughter decided to make an
early appearance yesterday evening.
She was supposed to say hello on April 15,
but she couldn't wait!

She is in the NICU.
Please pray that her stay there won't be long.
5 lbs. 6 oz
18 1/4 inches long

She is so sweet and tiny!

Her hair is dark and curly!
We've never had a baby born in our family with hair!
I can't wait to see her wearing a pink bow!


Becky K. said...

She is so very beautiful!
Congratulations to all of you.

I agree, lots and lots of pretty bows for her hair.

She is well loved, I can tell. And I'll bet her big brother will love teaching her all about his world.

Christine said...

What a surprise for all of you. She is precious. Plan on spending alot of money on girl clothes and what nots. I stay broke buying for my granddaughers.

Patsy said...

She is beautiful! Congratulations!

Cindy said...

She looks wonderful---congratulations to everyone! How special to have both a grandson and a granddaughter!!!

Elena said...

Congratulations! She is adorable! I love her hair.

Anonymous said...

Carol she is so precious! What a sweet new addition!!

God will see to her needs! Girls are fighters and before long her lungs will be singing Jesus Loves Me!

Ginger said...

Babies have a mind of their own, don't they? She wanted to get out early to be with all of you. What a beautiful baby she is. Hope her stay in the nicu is short and she gets to go home soon.
Congrats to all of you.

Char said...

Oh sweetie, congratulations. She is just beautiful. The fun will begin now, clothes, shoes, bows for the hair and lots of laughter. I am so happy for all of you, Char

Opie Dawn said...

Congratulations! We are praying for little Emma. We love you.


Lori Lucas said...

She is absolutely beautiful. Praying that all is well soon. Looks like your hands will be full and your heart happy for years to come! Lori L

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness! She is beautiful! I hope she is doing well.

Vee said...

Oh look at all that beautiful hair! She was supposed to wait until April 15? Oh my! She looks nearly ready right now. So cute, so very precious. Congratulations to all the family and special congratulations to Ethan!