Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fun With Babies . . .

I had such a good time yesterday when
Kari, Ethan, & Ethan's cousin, Levi
spent the day hanging out with me.

"What are you doing in my nap time bed?"

Levi is 5 months old.
Such a sweetie!

Ethan still wanted to take his turn in the baby seat.
Do you think he might be a little jealous!
Surely not!

He loves playing in these cabinets.
Who needs toys when you can play
with plastic bowls!


Christine said...

They are such cute little boys. I know you had fun with them. When my grandkids spend the day with me I am soooo tired at the end of the day. How'd you do?

Patsy said...

Now Ethan maybe just a little jealous but that is okay. They are so sweet.

Theresa said...

Having little ones come over for the day is so much fun. Messy and exhausting work by the end of the day, but well worth it. I just love litte ones. ( maybe that's why I have a daycare)!

Elena said...

So cute!

Cindy said...

I especially love that first picture. What a cute, chubby-cheeked angel Ethan is! So glad you are enjoying him!

tincanlily said...

What a nice way to spend the day. Tupperware equals hours of fun!

Opie Dawn said...

I love, love the photo of Ethan with all your plastic bowls! He is such a cutie!

Love you,

Anonymous said...

Levi and Ethan are so cute! And I do wonder sometimes why we buy so many toys. Bowls, spoons, a box, and they are good! :)

valerie said...

So sweet! I love Ethan in the little seat!
Glad you had a fun day with the boys.