Monday, September 27, 2010

Hey, Handsome . . .

Isn't he good looking?

Ethan was so cute dressed up in his
little suit for the wedding.

Here he is with Mommy & Daddy.
Such a sweet family!


Anonymous said...

He is a darling!!! I love little guys in suits. My parents used to buy my son those little three-piece double knits suits, back in the 70's. He looked so cute and they were so proud of him.


Christine said...

Precious family. I remember those suits that Ninny is talking about. After her son outgrew them they were passed to my boys. You don't see little boys in suits anymore unless it is a special event.

Becky K. said...

They are such a lovely family.
You are definitely blessed.

Becky K.

Patsy said...

He is a doll and great family picture.

Oklahoma Granny said...

The girls will be definitely be swooning over him when he's a little older!

Cindy said...

He will break a few hearts, for sure!

Kerin said...

What a handsome little man!
You have a beautiful family and I know that they are a blessing in you life :)
Have a wonderful night!

Elena said...

Great pictures! He is so cute in his suit. What a handsome boy!