Friday, April 3, 2009

First Visit . . .

Yesterday was Ethan's first
visit to Papaw & Nana's house.

He showed up in this cute outfit.

He was so adorable sitting in Nana's bouncer seat.

And of course no visit would be complete
without a nap on Papaw's chest!


Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

Oh Carol...How cute is little mister Ethan!! And your appropriate!! What a sweetie! Have a great weekend...Debbie

Linda C said... doesn't get any better than this!:)

What a cutey little Ethan is! And so bright eyed:)

I rejoice with you - being a nana is just the best!!

Linda C

Patsy said...

Ethan is just so sweet and kissable. Hugs

Becky K. said...

Oh, you are getting to use your baby things! How fun.

Shelley said...

It must be wonderful to hold that sweet baby!

Elena said...

What a cutie pie! How fun that he got to come visit you house:)

Brittany said...

Cute! He's already changing so much. I love that face of him in his bouncy chair. :)

Bo said...

Hi Carol...Ethan looks like he's really enjoying his visit! He's a sugar pie!...Also, loved the saying you framed on your previous post...words to live by! ;-) Bo

Anonymous said...

Oh Carol, I know you are loving being a grandma like me!! You keep posting pictures and I will too!!

The second picture, Ethan looks a lot older! Very cute!