Monday, February 23, 2009

Not Yet ! ! !

We're still waiting for our little
bundle of joy!
Please say a prayer for Kari.
I know she's SO ready!

Come on Ethan!

Look at this!
I was so thrilled to win this beautiful
hand stitched needle keeper.
It was lovingly stitched by Renae at
Go by Renae's & pay her a visit,
you'll be so glad you did!
Thank you so much Renae!
Your handiwork is amazing & beautiful!


Anonymous said...

Kari is in my prayers and so are you. That's a pretty gift you won to.


Bo said...

Hi Carol...just coming by to pick up my award (thank you) and check on Baby Ethan...maybe today? Fingers crossed.. ;-) Bo

Stacey said...

Ethan is taking his time. He's preparing everyone for greatness. :)

Becky K. said...

Oh, the waiting!

Ethan is one lucky little man to have all of the family waiting so eagerly for his arrival.

Patsy said...

Coming soon, Ethan. Maybe today?
Hugs, Patsy

Darlene said...

Come on Ethan!! What a fabulous stitchery you won. LOVE it!♥

Ashley Hasty said...

Ethan definitely does things his own way :) I'm praying for her, I can only imagine how ready she is!

Yolanda said...


Susie said...

Hey Carol, here's hoping it won't be much longer for little Ethan. I'll keep Kari in my prayers.

Elena said...

Kari will be in my prayers today. I loved the needle keeper and the sentiment on it. So sweet and so true! I will have to go to Renae's blog and check it out. Have a lovely day! Elena

Ginger said...

Hi Carol:
Love the gift you won. Will be thinking of all of you this week.

Barbara Jean said...

Oh, no Ethan yet??
Guess in his own sweet time.

congratulations on that nice prize.

Barbara Jean

Shari from Big Yellow Farmhouse said...

Good things come to those who wait! But I'm sure it is getting hard. Saying a prayer for all of you.

Patsy said...

Can you do one more award? I have one for you.

My Little Raggedy Blessings said...

Hi Carol, I am so happy it made it there safe and sound and that you liked it :) Thank-you for the beautiful post you are such a sweetie :)