Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Today's Agenda

Getting rid of the flu & cold germs today!
So far I have escaped catching what my grandkids & Hubby have suffered (knock on wood).

cleaning bathrooms

loads of laundry

I'm cooking something healthy & yummy for dinner.
Probably something like this . . . 
Garlic Parm Talipia...made it last night delish!
Garlic Parm Talipia

also this . . . 
sauteed brussel sprouts
click on picture for recipe
You can visit my Pinterest Comfort Food Board here and Veggies here.

Thank you for stopping by to visit!
Hope you are well & flu free!



Glad your staying flu-free. Us, too.


Stacey said...

I so hope you are able to stay well. I always joke about bleaching the whole house when everybody is sick.

Vee said...

So far so good here. Lots of echinacea going down the hatch.

Oh I just visited your Comfort Food folder and found those adorable carrots. Had to repin, of course.

Susy said...

Dinner sounds wonderful ~ should I call before I come over ? ((**

Stay well my friend. xo

Sue said...

So glad you are staying healthy, dh has been under the weather this week, I am taking a lot of herbs. Your dinner looks delicious. Thanks for sharing.

Sis Sue said...

Keep running from the germs. Hope your dinner was good.

Kerin said...

Oh dear,
sorry to hear that you've got the gomboo lurking around.

Hope everyone gets better soon.