Saturday, January 5, 2013

Corner Changes

This is the corner where one of our Christmas trees stands every year.
When the tree is gone the love seat & grandkids' book shelf & toys move back into place.
Last night our son was supposed to help us move the love seat.
After watching the kids play in the space where the shelf is, Bobby suggested we don't bring the love seat back.
I think I like the open space.
We'll live with it for a while & see what happens.
I may want to bring in one of our comfy chairs for reading books to Emma & Ethan.

Happy weekend to you all!


Helen's Decor said...

Carol, I love the red you used for your window treatment. And that cute little guy looks like he adores being in that room with a good story book. Bet you can tell, that I'm missing my grands! They are just so much fun and a joy!

Thanks for sharing!

Sis Sue said...

Moving furniture around is fun and makes things look fresh and new. Looks like the open space gives more floor room for the kids to play.

Sue said...

I too love changing things around, it just seem to freshen things up. Thanks for sharing,

Vee said...

Wise to see how it goes...if you miss it or need it, but the cozy chair sounds very nice.

Elena said...

I love your corner!