Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Kitchen Curtains

My sisters & I are a great design team.  Once the ideas start flowing we tackle the project with great enthusiasm.  

Ever since my new window blinds were installed I couldn't wait for Mary & Susan to help me choose new curtains for the kitchen windows.
The solution was to use 2 Target 60X104 tablecloths, a black curtain rod & ring clips.
No sewing involved! 
The muscle behind the project.
I'm not a fan of climbing ladders.
 The extra fabric was folded over at the top.
The new curtains add warmth to the space.
We also added a new area rug from Lowe's.
Above the sink we made a valance out of 4 matching napkins.
The only sewing for this was to zig zag stitch the edges together,
The pleats were made by just pinching the fabric & clipping with the rings.
I LOVE the new look & feel in the kitchen!

Come back tomorrow to see the master bedroom transformation.

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Vee said...

So clever to use tablecloths and thereby avoid sewing. Those clips sound like the way to go.

Kari @ A Quiet Harvest said...

You're right--the curtains gave the room such a warm feel!! One of my favorite makeovers you gals accomplished!

Susy said...

Clever girls! They look great. Sounds like you had lots of fun, plus got some decorating done to boot! A perfect birthday.

Nanna said...

love the curtains, they do make the room take on a warm feeling, it's wonderful how just a little tweaking can change the look of a room

Katherines Corner said...

They look lovely. You are so fortunate that you and your sister can spend time together. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things hop xo P.S. did you enter my latest giveaway?

Julie Bagamary said...

Great and clever curtains!

Barbara Mascareno-Shaw said...

Very nice. I'm sure that took quite some work.

Tanya@takesix said...

Awesome job, Carol. I love the "no sewing" part. Great idea!

Roxie Tenner said...

It does add warmth to your room! ^_^ Nice job! I think it goes well with the other elements in the space. It has the color that is closely related to the shades of the furniture, even with the area rug and place mats.

Roxie Tenner

Lenore Rushford said...

I think it’s not yet too late if I greet you a happy Valentine’s Day. Haha! I love the color of your kitchen curtains. It really gives a very inviting vibe to everyone. The color stimulates appetite, so people would really be delighted to eat if they have this kind of kitchen setting! :) It’s wonderful!

Lenore Rushford