Saturday, October 13, 2012

Day 2 Adventure

Our Friday trip to Pawhuska, OK was so much fun!
We drove into town & stopped at Sally's Cafe to eat lunch.
This little 'hole in the wall' place is like stepping back in time.
The owner & head cook is this amazing lady . . .
95 year old, Sally Carroll.
Here's a link to a story that a local TV channel did this summer.

A tour of Sally's Cafe . . .
She doesn't have a phone, just this pay phone where customers can call in their orders.
Look at this vintage coffee maker, heated with gas.
Old school griddle & stove . . .
Sally's great granddaughter helps her ring up an order.
We enjoyed hamburgers, chips, & Sally's homemade chocolate & custard pie.

Thank you, Sally, for taking the time to share your stories with us!

Next, we drove down the street to shop at Promise Land Antique Mall.
Cool store!
On the other end of the street we enjoyed shopping here . . .
Townmaker Square.
The manager told us Pioneer Woman shops here.
Across the street is a building that Ree & her husband are remodeling.
Rumor is, they're opening a restaurant on the 1st floor & a recording studio upstairs for taping her Food Network shows, plus a cooking school.
We could see what appeared to be her contractors going over plans for the remodel.

Here are some pictures of this historic town where our Mother spent a lot of time during her childhood.

Our day 2 adventure was amazing!
Oh, the memories we made!


Dawn J. said...

I'm finially going to leave a comment! I've been following your posts for quite a while and always love to see your pictures and hear your stories.
Thanks so much for posting your adventures with your sisters. I'm thrilled you three can spend some time together. Looks like tons of fun!! :)Dawn J.

Vee said...

Gosh. How does Sally do it? Ninety-five? What an inspiration! Looks as if you'll have to do this again when PW's restaurant is open.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed Sally's this is "all American" too me I love this sorta stuff,thanks for sharing and when Ree and Marlboro Man open up,be sure and take us with you.

Susy said...

I really can't image working at 95 ~ hats off to Sally. And it's great the town still has it going on. Is it near Cushing? Maybe someday we'll take a roadtrip to OK. I'll call before I come over (: love that you're having so much fun!

Kari @ A Quiet Harvest said...

Wow, Sally does look young for her age! I love the pics and I'm glad you had so much fun! The last pic is my favorite. Very cute! =)

Elena said...

Looks like an amazing day. I loved seeing the pictures of the little diner. So amazing that she is going strong at her age. Wow!